viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

A Tribute To Kreator - Under The Guillotine

1.Headhunter Dc - Flag Of Hate
2. Krabathor - Command Of The Blade
3.Sanctorum - Riot Of Violence
4.Aurora Borealis - Extreme Aggression
5.Deceased - Tormentor
6.The Chasm - Take Their Lives
7.Ritual Carnage - Impossible To Cure
8.Nokturne - The Pestilence (Infamy Tower Cannon Mix)
9.Legion - Pleasure To Kill
10.Mork Gryning - Storming With Menace
11.Diabolic - Under The Guillotine
12.From The Depths - Awakening Of The Gods
13.Abigor - Terrible Certainty

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