sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Death or Glory Vol. 2 Split (1997)

Origen:Brazil Genero:Death Metal-Death/Thrash Metal-Death Metal Año:1997 Tracklist:

1.My Dirge
2.Beholding The Evil's Faces
3.Cursed Throne
]4.Dark Opera of the Creations
5.The Omen (Babylon Go Under)


6.Reflections Inside The Mirror
7.Life of Dream (Bury)
8.Immortal Soul
9.Whispers Are Said To My Impure Soul

Corpse Grinder

10.Hungarian Rhapsody (Intro)00:47
11.Slaves of Thoughts04:17
12.Blindness For The Reality05:25
13.Actual World04:25
14.Raised From The Remains


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